Windows for buses
Driver-side windows

Driver-side windows ensure driver’s safety, comfort, and the best possible visibility.

These types of windows are available in flush-closing or framed versions, and we manufacture both electric and manually operated sliding windows.

Furthermore, our portfolio also includes different heating solutions - with double glazed thermal glass, special films, and coatings.

With a wide range of different solutions and a long history of manufacturing hundreds of different driver-side window products we ensure that every customer can find the right window for their needs.

Working closely with our suppliers we are also pioneering new technologies into our products: our latest developments include windows with anti-reflective coated glass that provide the driver a clear view with a non-flickering, matt surface.

Because the possibilities are endless and every vehicle is different, our colleagues actively work with our customers to develop products that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Passenger-side windows

Passenger windows in buses and coaches must be functional, safe and of high quality to withstand the constant wear and tear.

Our portfolio includes framed and bonded passenger windows, including glass-in-glass flush-closing tilt- and slide window solutions that help achieve a sleek, streamlined aesthetic on the side of buses.

The most common products in this group are sliding and tilting windows that ensure the comfort of passengers even without air conditioning (These save energy for the electric buses because less powerful air-conditioner units can be used.)

Furthermore, tilting windows can be equipped with various types of locks, as well as protection mechanisms to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and the windows.

As the amount of light that enters the vehicle's cabin can impact the comfort of the passengers, the decisions on the glass colour matter.

Together with our long-time stable suppliers of glass, we can support our customers by offering all available glass tint variations for the vehicles: from transparent glass to green, grey, bronze or even blue glass in ESG - DSG – VSG types.