Trams and trains

The beauty and complexity of designing windows for the rail industry stems from the need for the highest safety standards due to the high speeds reached by trains.

The glass surfaces and windows designed for railway wagons and locomotives must be able to withstand the stresses of weather, wind, and high pressures, while minimizing weight and ensuring long life quality.

At König Kft. we have the technical expertise and the experience to produce these complex windows for our customers.

Since 2013, we have been manufacturing to DIN 6701-2 A1, a standard which proves that our engineers can perform the necessary bonding calculations and that our products can withstand the most rigorous tests.

When manufacturing aluminium frames, König Kft. utilizes a multi-stage surface treatment process to ensure that our products are weatherproof and resistant to the various environmental conditions that may occur during use - e.g. weather conditions, graffiti, cleaning agents. We are Qualicoat Seaside certified since 2019.

For the special needs of this industry we offer various product types: electric and manually operated driver side windows, passenger side fixed glasses, passenger side display windows, tilting windows etc.

All the products are available with various glass solutions depending on the customer’s needs: single- and double-glazed safety glass, laminated glass (including GSM glass), or double glazed-laminated glass.

In the railway sector multiple methods are used for the assembly of the glazing into vehicles – König Kft. is able to provide them for our customers: bonded windows, framed windows, as well as the more and more popular rubber-gasket key joint solutions.

The rubber gasket solutions present an efficient answer for the industry’s need for lightweight window constructs that are also easy to replace.